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Created with an unwavering dedication to superior quality and luxurious standards, our products are renowned for their prestige and sophistication. We stay at the forefront of new trends and innovations, ensuring a steadfast devotion to excellence in our craftsmanship. Our unwavering commitment to the highest standards guarantees that our customers always receive products of the utmost quality.


The clipper oil from COOPER & BURTON with the premium formula achieves significantly less friction and extends the durability with the best material compatibility. It effectively cleans, maintains, and protects the metal parts from corrosion and weathering. This versatile oil can also be used for scissors and other razor blades, providing optimal care and easy application.

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COOPER & BURTON Finest Horse cooling Balm is used externally to relieve tension or discomfort in the muscles, joints and back and is as a natural, highly effective care balm. The horse balm is a refreshing, invigorating.

The deep effect of the horse balm is achieved through a variety of essential oils and plant extracts such as camphor, menthol, pine needle oil, and arnica extract.


COOPER & BURTON shaving head cleaner is a high-performance cleaner with excellent adhesion and cleaning properties. It cleans, cares for and protects all metal parts from weather and corrosion. This shaver cleaner provides an effective and easy way to thoroughly clean and maintain hair clippers, trimmers, and razors, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene.

fire place glas cleaner

COOPER & BURTON Fireplace & Stove Glass Cleaner cleans, polishes and seals in one operation. Produced from German manufacture, with nature-friendly ingredients, toxic and acid-free for ecological cleaning. Completely chemical free, the Food Grade Cleaner. Even the most stubborn dirt is easily removed thanks to a special formula.

finest mechanics oil

COOPER & BURTON Lubricating oil is a premium-grade Lubricating oil that is designed to provide superior protection and lubrication. It is formulated with quality base oils and additives to provide excellent performance in a wide range of automotive, industrial, and marine applications.

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COOPER & BURTON SILVER & PRECIOUS METAL CLEANER provides deep cleaning of silver jewelry & gold jewelry. Brings back streak-free shine and the original look. It is suitable for silver, silver plated, gold, stainless steel, copper, brass and silver cutlery. .
Produced from German manufacture, with nature-friendly ingredients, toxic and acid-free for ecological cleaning.

super glue

COOPER & BURTON high-quality, solvent-free one-component instant adhesives enable materials to be joined quickly and efficiently. They can be used universally and are perfect for use in all processes that require fast, powerful and durable connections.


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COOPER & BURTON Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner with a universal performance formula is a cleaning agent with a pleasant scent for cleaning dirt and grease stains on the surfaces of vehicle seats, mattresses, carpets and upholstered furniture made of moisture-resistant and colourfast material.

premium stone cleaner

The stone cleaner is ideal for basic cleaning of all types of natural and artificial stone, against old and new dirt of all kinds, also before the application of sealing and impregnation. The ready-to-use stone cleaner works powerfully and is gentle on the material so that you can keep your beautiful appearance for a long time.


COOPER & BURTON‘s REPAIR QUICK FILLER SPATULA is a onecomponent, solventfree repair and spackling compound with integrated spackling for patching surfaces and cracks, filling holes and scratches.


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woodchip wallpaper QUICK FILLER SPATULA

Woodchip wallpaper QUICK FILLER SPATULA is a one-component textured spatula with woodchip grain and an integrated spatula for holes and cracks.


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something about the founders

As twin brothers united by our passion for design and innovation, we embarked on an exhilarating journey when we created our first product together in 2017. It was the spark that led to the founding of COOPER & BURTON, a brand dedicated to enhancing everyday household tasks for individuals. We aim to enhance the daily lives of our customers through the use of our products.

maintenance at its finest

Because we want to live life, not live to clean, COOPER & BURTON creates efficient professional quality cleaning products and the processing motivate us to develop products based on high-quality raw materials and at the same time to leave a characteristically attractive lasting impression.

COOPER & BURTON is the answer to the yearning for intelligent, trendy solutions that hit the pulse of the times. We bring the latest innovations directly to your hands, and our continuous pledge of quality ensures trust and reliability – a genuine added value for your well-being. With COOPER & BURTON, you experience an elegant symbiosis of form and function.

first-class experience

We take every process in the manufacturing and testing of our products very seriously. Our approach blends cutting-edge measures with elegance. The love for what we do is rooted in the joy of creating products that are not just functional but also inspiring. It’s the enthusiasm for innovation and the ambition to transform everyday items into something extraordinary. Every aspect of our activity reflects our passion for excellent quality and our comprehensive understanding of the importance of precise execution.

Our Purpose & Values

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new trends and innovations

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continuity in quality guarantee

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highest standards in quality

 We believe in valuing different perspectives and experiences to expand our understanding. Empathy teaches us not only to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes… but to walk in them.


 We believe in cultivating a supportive network where love, trust and respect are at the forefront. Connection reminds us that success is shared and that through collaboration we can achieve greatness.


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